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Mohammad Yaghobi, (98) 914 845 1316 · info@darbeweb.com

"DarbeWeb" is the name of a web platform that we made, which has good potential to use in web applications at all levels. Darbe Web is developed by PHP. It's so fast, flexible, scalable, and has been used for remarkable projects, such as Android Marketing, eCommerce Marketing, before.
REST, WebService, Payment Gateways, handling large count of users are considered in this platform.
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MVC Methodology

The Best One

In this time, MVC, is a commont methodology in web development. It cause to faster development process, more flexibility, good project scalable for the large project, friendly with SEO, etc.


Essential Features

Performance optimization is necessary to handle large count of users, technically, not get to call any Object until need it. Also, less query on database cause to be fast. Consider compatibility with PHP 7.2 is an advantage.


No limit in Back-end, Front-end, and Sections

Version 2 of DarbeWeb allow you to make how many sections, how many Back-end or Front-end you want. It's so exciting to get a platform with how much scaling you need.

Modern UI

Bootstrap, JQuery-UI, Any JS!

We have developed a Bootstrap admin theme called "DarbeWeb Admin" based on AdminLTE. It's a modern, beautiful, optimized, responsive, and smooth theme with RTL-support. In this platform, you can easily add any JS script/framework you want, and you can handle it to use only in a section or subsection.

Some Free Projects

We have some Open-Source projects hosted on Github which may useful for you. They are all free ;).


It's a simple dashboard I made for XAMPP. I think it's useful for developers. Get It.

Chrome No-Image

Simple chrome extension to block images and videos on webpage. It will block all images and videos, but you can reload each image just by clicking on it! Get It.

PHP for login

A simple and safe php script for login via mysql. Get It.

Best Photoshop To Android Exporter Script

Best script to exporting assets from photoshop to android mipmap/drawable resources. Get It.

Best Illustrator To Android Exporter Script

Best script to exporting assets from illustrator to android mipmap/drawable resources. Get It.

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